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This price is accurate for coverage on your watercraft and your trailer. It takes into account your postcode and is based on provision of watercraft liability and waterski liability.

This will provide you with an indication of the price for the chosen cover. More information will then be required throughout the process if you decide to buy the cover including your personal details, details of the craft and users, where it’s kept and used etc. It is important to answer all subsequent questions honestly and to disclose anything which may be material to our accepting of the risk.

What is the market value of your watercraft?

What is the market value of your trailer?

What kind of cover would you like?

What is your postcode?

For claims made against you should you cause injury or damage to property what limit of indemnity do you need?

If you tow waterskiers or “toys” what limit of indemnity do you need?

Are you a member of the Royal Yachting Association?

Is your craft fitted with a Datatag?

Towing of Waterskiers and/or “Toys”

If you have selected and intend to tow waterskiers and /or “toys” , conditions and restriction apply to the cover. Your craft must be capable of towing according to its manufacturer and used as per the recommendations for the craft. Cover will only be provided for waterskiing and the towing of “toys” which are designed to carry no more than two people and must be used in accordance with the “toy” manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations.

There will be no cover for accidents caused by or to any person engaged in kiting or other airborne sport whilst being towed by your craft or preparing to be towed.

The limit of indemnity will be restricted to £1m ( or £2m if selected ) for any claims arising out of towing activities.

You can read the full wording of this cover in the Policy Document or see a summary in the Insurance Policy Information Document which you can read from our Policy Information page.

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